Get in shape surfing

If you would like to exercise to get in shape for surfing start with your toes. The feet help provid

Woman in Black 2-piece Swimsuit Holding White and Red Surfboard

e shock absorption, balance, force, control, power, flexibility, strength and agility to your ride.

So how can you get started? Most surfers have already done some benefit to your feet by walking ba


refoot on sand or smooth stones… not so sure about the coral.

All these exercises can be done in bare feet.


Begin by rolling a tennis ball under your foot. This helps awaken theĀ Dead animal removal near me soft connective tissues (fascia). Do not put your entire weight on the foot being rolled. Work up to using more pressure and using a lacrosse ball or golf ball. Roll the ball with a bit more pressure under the heels, balls and outer edge of your feet and less pressure in the arches and toes. Spend at least 1 minute on each foot.


Attempt to pickup sand/small stones with your toes. As soon as you have accomplished this task try to fling the items with your feet.

Lift your foot off the ground and write in the air your favorite surfing spot. Pretend your toes are a pen and your ankle is a wrist.

Together with your feet apart keep your heels stationary and push/drag the balls of the feet and toes outwards away from center. When they’re out as far as they can go (duck footed) lift the front of the feet off the ground (heels stationary) and bring them back to neutral. 10-15 times.

Together with your feet apart keeping your heels stationary lift the balls of your feet and feet up and move outwards. When they’re out as far as they can go bring the front of the toes down and drag them back to neutral. 10-15 times.

Press your four small toes down and attempt to raise your big toe. This is a difficult exercise and when you attempt it you can gently hold down your 4 feet with your hand. Sometimes if you tap or lightly push the arch of your foot it helps. 10-15 times.


Press your big toe down and try to increase you 4 little toes. Again, you can begin by spreading your toes as far apart as you can.

15 – 20 times.


Walk on your heels and walk on the balls of your feet.

Lift your big toe and feel your arch go up. Bring toe down and try to keep the arch raised for a couple of seconds.

Slowly use the whole front of the foot to grow up as large as you can then drop your heels down as low as you can get them.


If it hurts do not do it! This includes in case you feel pain in your knees as you operate your toes.

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