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While to those outside America, Yankee is slang for anyone in the United States; to people in the USA, Yankees are New Englanders.

New England was the point of birth and first settlement for many of colonial British settlers which landed upon the shores of this “new world” In fact, of course the property was as old as Europe and like Europe, the land has been populated by Native Americans.

Nowadays, Americans visit New England as one of the birthplaces of the Country. Consequently, New England holds a whole lot of pride and cultural significance as a people. The first English governor and meeting in New England issued the Mayflower Compact which guaranteed co-operation one of the settlers.

New England has maintained remnants of the colonial settlements which the first English settlers inhabited, enabling visitors to file by and observe the conditions suffered by people seeking their new life in the usa.

Town of Salem, Massachusetts, that’s the location for the infamous Salem Witch Trials that took place in 1692, has taken its sordid past and turned it into a tourism sector that draws thousands annually. The witch trials indicated a peak in colonial religious puritanical paranoia. The “trials” led to the implementation of almost 20 people accused of being in cahoots with the devil, even though it’s highly improbable that any of the defendants were really involved in any sort of witchcraft.

Salem has taken the historical accusations and embraced them as a tongue-in-cheek badge of honour. The Salem police vehicles are adorned with Animal control Port St Lucie the shape of a witch on a broomstick. Though it might appear a rather sardonic take on a tragic event, Salem has adopted the macabre and turned into the gorgeous historical city to some yearlong Halloween celebration. There are haunted houses, costume stores, Wiccan themed shops, and ghost tours throughout town. You may also find a lot of bars, restaurants, and cozy coffee shops lining the road in Salem.

Boston, Massachusetts, besides being a hub of American civilization, creativity, and academia, has plenty of historical buildings, museums, and landmarks preserving and chronicling the progression from these bare settlements of the early 1600’s to liberty in 1776.

But don’t be mistaken, the current day is also very much alive and kicking in New England.

It’s a culmination of cultures and areas which were brought to Boston by immigrants from all over the world. Still, Boston, together with the rest of New England, keeps a very feature individuality and culture all its own.

New England clam chowder overflows from a lot of clay pot. The magnificent coastlines peppered with candlepin lighthouses should be sufficient to draw the curious traveller. A warning to prospective travellers to Boston, attempt to maintain any dissenting views about the Patriots and the Red Sox to yourself. It is for your own good.

Along the coast, you’ll get the charm and character of fishing villages lining the briny shores of Massachusetts. Cape Cod is a keen summertime destination for those trying to escape the open water, or lie luxuriously on the shore.

There are Cape Ann another welcoming destination along the Massachusetts coastline. Like Cape Cod, it’s a lovely and interesting culmination of fishing village, art colonies, sea vistas, and fish restaurants.

This yearly celebration includes a carnival, a rowboat race, and the conventional and highly comical greasy pole climbing competition. The rod is coated with dirt and dozens of guys compete individually to recover the coveted flag on peak of the pole. Locals and tourists alike place themselves along the coast or in ships in the harbor to watch the mayhem unfold. Even though you’re in Gloucester taking in the sea air, make sure you try out a plate of longneck clams, or “steamers”, with butter and broth dips.


North of Massachusetts you will discover the quaint and gorgeous state of Vermont. It’s the least populated capital city of all of the nations, and is the only state in the union without a single construction above 150 feet.

Vermont homes the lush and deciduous Green Mountains. When in Vermont make certain to keep a watch for new maple syrup, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and locally-brewed beers.


Another state to surround yourself with natural beauty, it’s densely populated and also the least populated state in New England. Maine has lived on its agricultural heritage, in addition to its own fishing and small manufacturing businesses. Maine has dramatic and craggy coastline and is very famous for its legendary lobsters.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire has its share of winter activities and brags a stunning coastline. Known as “the Granite State,” New Hampshire has numerous quarries and stone formations to grow its majestic landscape.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States but because of its high population density it’s not the least populated. The state is well known for the production of silverware and fine jewelry.


In Connecticut you will get a huge offshoot of the New York metro area, however you’ll also find it has its own New England charm. Connecticut takes pride in its historical heritage and has preserved many of its historical traditions, buildings, and landmarks. Make certain to take in some of the gorgeous villages of Connecticut until you catch the train into New York City.

New England is a land of beautiful autumn colours, vibrant Hawaiian communities, ample seafood, handsome beaches and magnificent vistas, vast tracts of forest, a temperate climate, and a listing of craft-brewed beers. A driving force in forging another American culture, this section of the United States keeps a exceptional pride.

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