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TGIF isn’t only an expression for workers who are super happy that the weekend has arrived, it’s also pertinent to the millions of movie aficionados who love visiting new releases on Fridays- the day when most new releases hit the theaters. Each dedicated movie-goer has had the experience of waiting in anticipation for West Melbourne Bat Removal a sequel of their favorite movie to come out. But not every Friday can be so interesting. Despite that, many terrific movies come out every month and there’s never a shortage of things to see. Here is the list of three current movies you should go see in the movie theater.

1. Deadpool 2

The first installment of the series hit the theaters in 2016 and was an instant hit with movie critics, comic book fans, and regular movie goers alike. With a huge buzz develop, Deadpool 2 takes Ryan Reynolds’ character and gives him a newer and more magnanimous mission- to rescue a mutant orphan kid from a genetically modified super soldier from the future named Cable and played by Josh Brolin. Upon his first face to face meeting, Deadpool soon finds that Cable is a much more powerful enemy villain than he could ever have anticipated. Thoroughly devoted to his assignment however, he decides to put his own super hero group together from a motley crew of odd and diverse mutants he finds with want ads. The team produces a humorous counterpoint to Cable’s seriously evil motives as an action packed riot soon ensues.

2. Avengers: Infinity War

The first Marvel movie that ties into this movie came out all the way back in 2008 with the launch of Iron Man. Avengers: Infinity War is the careful and grand culmination of each and every one of these movies. Tying and twisting nearly each and every storyline from previous movies to a braid, this film sets a new standard in canon incorporation. Bringing back about 90 percent of all the Marvel characters to make a picture about an apocalyptic plan to bring about the cleanup of half of the Universe was no simple feat. If filming this grand movie was laborious, the preparation for a viewer was so also. However, the effort is well worthwhile as the film shows Thanos (also played by Josh Brolin) trying to collect all of the infinity stones in his gauntlet so that he can have the ability to”restore order” to the Universe, namely killing half of all its inhabitants. With such a powerful adversary it takes the collective of all the superheroes combined to even stand a chance.

3. RBG

The third new release deviates substantially from the previous two in content. The movie details the story of her life and highlights the many achievements she created both personally and for the women’s rights movement as it relates to the laws of america. While not apparently as exciting as a comic book based film, the social context of this #metoo motion and #timesup, have propelled the sentiments that RBG pioneered to new heights of relevancy. This movie acts as a perfect exclamation point for these historical times.

Take a look at any of these pictures for a stimulating mind adventure.

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